About us

FLYCAM are specialists in aerial photo- and videography incorporating the latest drone technology

This modern and future orientated high-tech system opens up unique and unparalleled aerial possibilities at hights of anything between 2 and 120 meters.

From this groundbreaking perspective provided by the drone cam the attention of your target audience is guaranteed. The flexibility offered by this technology allows limitless camera angles enabling innovative and proffesional image film productions which were previously impossible even with expensive and cumbersome crane and dolly systems.

Using FLYCAM negates the need for any of the before mentioned equipment. Our photo and video productions will showcase your company (e.g. hotel, golf-course, real-estate) from a new point of view enabling you to market you in a more eye-catching way.
Our services range from creation of image and promo ideas from video recording and editing through to fully animated title design and special effects. We also provide incidental music to add emotional gravity to your video.

Contact us and discover the possibilities!

Flycam Media Mallorca Multicopter